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Module Prestashop

Module Prestashop 1.7 - Prestaboard

Module Prestashop 1.6 - Prestaboard

The essential addon for your PrestaShop store !

Our module allows you to analyze your customer data with graphs and charts.


Our addon is simple and intuitive, you can understand your data in a single glance !


You can easily export all your data to excel any size versions.


We have paid particular attention to how it appears on different screen sizes. Try it on a phone or tablet !

Heart stroke

Trying is adopting !

Compare your turnover and profits in one glance over several years !
Export your accounting data in 1 click format Excel spreadsheet !


Click on an image to access the real-time demonstration.


Module Prestashop PrestaboardModule Prestaboard - Fabrication Française

Addon PrestaBoard - V2.4.6

199 tax excl.

4.7/5 (1368)

Choose this offer for peace of mind :

Our module is compatible with all new versions of PrestaShop

No renewal to perform.

  • PrestaShop module included
  • Compatible PrestaShop 1.6 et 1.7
  • Phone Support

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